christmas installation 2023

In cooperation with Berlin based artists, 24 ceramic candle holders were created for the annual BIKINI Berlin Christmas installation. The unique ceramic candleholders representing Berlin’s diverse ceramic art scene could be viewed at the installation on site. Shoppers were invited to enter a raffle for their favourite candleholder and wrap their gifts in a limited edition christmas wrapping paper, or take home postcards, and stickers all featuring the candleholders. This installation was curated by Berlin creative agency Kemmler Kemmler and  included a campaign promoting the installation throughout the city of Berlin.

I created the piece Eisengel for the installation. I wanted to make a  monochromatic piece so the form could stand out from a distance and when applied to a two dimensional deseign. The form and it’s stony white glaze can be seen as a cluster of snowflakes or the wings of an angel.